Information Management

One of the key challenges confronting organizations in today’s digital world is the efficient management of information. Increasingly, how organizations create, analyze, distribute, store and retrieve business-critical content plays a critical role in determining success or failure.

Enterprises recognize this need and are willing to pay for software, tools, and services that allow them to manage their electronic content more intelligently; to share or print documents more effectively, and to do all this while staying in compliance with increasing legal or regulatory reporting requirements.

This creates an attractive and enduring investment opportunity for private and public investors in the companies that provide these products and services—that specialize in Information Management for enterprises.

Marks Baughan & Co is the investment bank that understands these issues and the rapidly growing companies in the Information Management arena. Founder Nick Baughan concentrates on this area, drawing on the understanding and relationships he developed while working on some of the earliest transactions in this space while at Credit Suisse First Boston.

This focus continues as Marks Baughan has advised on some of the most important deals in the Information Management space and has an active dialogue with growth companies in legal technology, knowledge management software, business intelligence software, business process management software, compliance, and customer data management as well as the buyers and investors interested in this space.


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