Investment Banking for Growth

Marks Baughan & Co provides investment banking services to growth companies. Our clients range from public companies with multi-billion dollar market caps to private companies with $10 million in revenues. We deliver results for clients: advising on sales of entire companies and divisions, acquisitions, private placements of equity and debt securities, or strategic advisory services for CEOs and CFOs on public offerings, M&A plans, or investor positioning.

Our professionals come from senior positions at bulge-bracket firms, giving our clients access to the relationships and experience that comes from our years of interaction with the top executives and investors in companies in our fields. Our clients receive top-flight advice throughout any advisory relationship, because our boutique approach allows our senior advisors to stay deeply involved with each client on a continuous basis—no handoffs to junior staff. And our advice is on the mark because we come to our clients with the deepest understanding of any investment bank of two specific vertical markets— Financial Technology and Information Management.


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