Financial Technology

No investment bank understands Financial Technology like Marks Baughan & Co.

In fact, Jim Marks started Financial Technology as a Wall Street coverage area in 1996 with Credit Suisse First Boston. As the first analyst to cover Fin Tech, Marks’ coverage sparked the creation of the first Fin Tech investment banking department on Wall Street. His understanding of the players, trends, technology, and financial services client base gave his firm the undisputed leadership position in Financial Technology banking and research and created a deep network of long-time relationships with the leading executives and investors in the industry.

Today, Marks Baughan & Co. clients benefit from this experience and network. We have not rested on our laurels, either. To give the informational edge to our clients, we have created and maintain the leading database on public and private Financial Technology companies, including financial and corporate data on hundreds of firms, M&A transactions, and private and public capital raises. We give a glimpse of this data advantage each week to executives and investors subscribing to our Marks Financial Technology Weekly. We stay up to date with our automated review of all the news each day on companies in Fin Tech and through our constant contact with CEO and CFOs of Financial Technology firms of all sizes as well as the private equity funds and public fund managers that invest in this sector.



Our deep historical and ongoing involvement in Financial Technology allows us to bring a perspective to our clients that is unmatched by any bulge-bracket or boutique investment bank.


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